Hijiki Seasoned Seaweed Salad 4.4 lb.

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Hijiki Seasoned Seaweed Salad 4.4 lb.

  • Hijiki - Japanese Style Salad in Plastic Container - 4.4 lb/2 kg, USA.
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When it comes to standard ingredients of a fresh, crunchy vegetable salad, edible seaweeds are hardly ever mentioned. But this is a little unfair. Marine algae have been always valued for being real nutritional powerhouses, available for everybody. One of such unpretentious sea veggies is hijiki seaweed, packed with pristine flavors and beneficial nutrients. Original cooked hijiki recipe takes its roots from Japan. And what today we may consider an exotic treat on the menus of Japanese restaurants has been a traditional healthy staple in the land of the rising sun for hundreds of years.

Here at Marky’s Gourmet Store we have selected the sublime hijiki seaweed salad, for you to discover all natural qualities of this wonderful Asian specialty. So, now there is absolutely no need for you to take a guess at where to buy hijiki and other salad ingredients. You are welcome to order the dish online 24/7. Safe overnight shipping is guaranteed.

A Few Words about Hijiki

This inoffensive marine plant comes from the coasts of Japan, Korea and China. In recent years the seaweed was also adopted in the U.S. In the wild the color of hijiki varies from green to brown, though it is more widely known as dark or rather black seaweed. The thing is that it usually comes not fresh but dried, and its thin and brittle twigs resemble dry black tea leaves. Before cooking a few twigs should be soaked in water and then rinsed thoroughly. After such procedure their size gets much bigger, and the twigs may look like long black noodles.

The hijiki seaweed is a generous source of diverse nutrients, including iron, magnesium and iodine, fiber, and vitamin K. It is credited with helping to improve bone health and eliminate excess cholesterol, as well as releasing stresses and boosting energy levels in your body. The only caveat about hijiki is that the seaweed, especially when it is dried, naturally contains a big amount of inorganic arsenic. However, hijiki is never consumed dried. Besides, most scientists claim that the percentage of arsenic in its daily quota is absolutely harmless for human health.

Originally, there are two main methods of cooking hijiki, which have not been changed for several centuries. These are marinating and stir-frying. But for salads the seaweed is simply soaked in warm water, rinsed and cut into strips. Hijiki salad can be also seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce or sesame oil. The piquant flavor of the seaweed harmoniously combines with the rich taste of sesame seeds, lotus root and ginger.

Some Ideas for Serving Unusual Black Seaweed Salad

To any dinner, or party, or picnic, or simple lunch which may seem typically American hijiki seaweed treat will add a fine Asian zest. So, when you decide to buy hijiki salad, you can be sure that you are going to serve a real fountain of delightful flavors and healthy nutrients.

  • This seasoned salad will act on its own as an exquisite appetizer.
  • It will successfully accompany your favorite vegetables.
  • As any other seasoned seaweed salad, it is a flavorful garnish for fish.
  • It will also be a nice thing on your Halloween party menu.

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Ingredients Hijiki (seaweed), Lettuce Stem (Yamakurage), Lotus Root, Bell Pepper, Seasoned Ginger (Ginger, Water, Cane Sugar, Salt, Distilled White Vinegar, Citric Acid), Sesame Seed, Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Water, Wheat Flour, Salt), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Onion Powder, Red Pepper