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Carabinero Shrimp

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Carabinero Shrimp description:

Carabinero Shrimp, Extra Large - Large: 2.5 lb/1.1 kg, 6 pieces/pound, Extra Large: 2.5 lb/1.1 kg, 4 pieces/pound, from Morocco.

Carabinero Shrimp are considered the crown jewel of the shrimp world. They have a robust taste in comparison to other similar species of shrimp. They are known for their flavorful juice that is released upon cooking, adding a robust and unique seafood essence to your dishes, sauces and creams. Traditionally prepared in Spain and Portugal by simply salting and grilling. They taste best when they are simply poached, sautéed and steamed. Great recipe idea: Tajarin Pasta with Carabinero Shrimp.

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