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Anchovy Extract (SalMŭria)

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Anchovy Extract (SalMŭria) description:

Anchovy Extract, SalMŭria - 3.5 oz/100 gr, by El Capricho, Spain.

SalMŭria is an amber liquid seasoning that is generated through a traditional process of maturation of anchovies with salt. Engraulis encrasicolus is fished by traditional methods on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. The anchovies, freshly caught and unloaded from the boat, are kept for 24 hours in containers with abundant salt water. After being gutted, they are placed in barrels, alternating with layers of salt. After a maturation period of about 12-18 months, the production of the anchovy begins and the SalMŭria (anchovy extract) is collected and stored. Finally, it is filtered and is ready for consumption. It is called SalMŭria: Umami in a liquid state. It has an amber color and is a natural flavor, with no additives.

It can be added to dishes primarily as an ingredient with properties similar to salt. In Asian cuisine, it is used as a cooking oil and as an ingredient in soup making, analogously to soy sauce. It is usually used in moderation because it provides intense aromas. Mixed with wine, vinegar, pepper, oil or water, it can dress other delicacies, season or accompany meals such as vegetables, salads, rice, breads, as well as soups and broths. It can also be used with meats since its flavor is ideal for marinating or frying them. In Italian cuisine. it is mainly used as a dressing in pasta or with vegetables sautéed in oil, garlic and chillies. SalMŭria can be used to cook, transform, cure, soften, and marinate different raw foods such as vegetables, seafood, eggs, fish, meats, etc.

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Net weight: 100 g
Origin: Spain
Manufacturer: El Capricho
Brand: El Capricho


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