Anchovy Banderillas with Olives

Anchovy Banderillas with Green Olives - Boquerones - 7 oz/220 gr by Sea Delight.

Banderillas with Green Olives consist of an olive stuffed with red pepper that is delicately wrapped in a marinated anchovy. The white anchovies are cured in olive oil, providing a smooth, supple taste and a wonderfully light texture which does not lose its flavor to the olive oil. Their unique look and taste allows them to become the star of your appetizers at a cocktail party or any other event. The interesting mix of ingredients gives the dish a special taste. Keep refrigerated between 32º F and 46º F, serve at room temperature.

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Packaging PP packaging film with window.
Storage Type Keep refrigerated between 0º C and 8º C. serve at room temperature.
Ingredients Marinated anchovies, stuffed olives, red pepper, vinegar, olive oil, seeds oil and salt.

Anchovy Banderillas with Olives

# 060285 by Sea Delight
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