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If you want to add something exquisite and classic to your family dinner, or you need an impressive zest in your party menu, there is a special thing that will certainly meet and exceed your highest expectation, and satisfy your gourmet requirements. What we mean here is the delectable smoked salmon, highly prized by many professional chefs for its flavor characteristics and versatility.

Smoked Salmon - Things to Know

Salmon is actually the common name for several species of fish which live in the northern waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They are anadromous, that is to say that the fish migrate up the rivers from the sea to spawn. In the context of gastronomy the differences between the species define what the fish is best for: canning, smoking or picking the meatiest parts to sell them fresh. Due to the natural peculiarities of this type of fish, its exceptional deliciousness and nutrient values, salmon price may be higher than that of some other fish. Nevertheless, a single bit of your best smoked salmon bagel sandwich or splendid grilled salmon steak will assure you of your right choice.

Including all its cooked varieties, this fish is considered a very healthy food. No wonder, it is the staple of mighty and vigorous Alaskan grizzly bears. The salmon flesh is a great source of protein, different minerals and vitamins, and beneficial fats. Hence its smoked version, which is also rich in iron, vitamin D and B-complex vitamins, is an important element in the diet. Besides, it contains the so called omega-3 fatty acids helping to maintain brain function, stimulate your memory and protect you from depressions.

So, next time you look for what can really make your day, your smoked salmon buy will be something that definitely goes without saying.

How to Smoke Salmon - the Secrets of the Smoking Technique

Every time you find smoked fish for sale, you have a great opportunity to purchase and taste the centuries-old culinary tradition. Our ancestors came up with the idea of smoking different kinds of meat as one of the most effective ways to keep it for quite a long time. They built special smokehouses where meat and fish could be cured with smoke.

Nowadays the original smoking technique has been much developed, but the modern process of smoking is still based on the old principles. Salmon fillets are carefully selected, salted and then cold or hot smoked. The salmon that is cold smoked has a very smooth, silky and moist texture, while its flesh is characterized with a beautiful pink hint. When salmon is hot smoked, the fish gets fully cooked at higher temperature, so its texture turns firmer, drier and flakier. It also acquires more distinct smoky taste.

What Can You Do After You Buy Smoked Salmon?

The answer is: whatever you want. Serve it on a platter along with crackers or toasts, and apples, red onions or cheese slices, and you will get an excellent appetizer. Take some bagels and crème fraiche, and turn your sandwiches for lunch into something out of this world. Add it to your vegetable salads, pastas or even soups and make any of your dishes simply fabulous. So, you may find it a little hard to pass by when you see smoked salmon for sale.

Smoked Salmon: Where to Buy?

Here at Marky’s Gourmet Store we are glad to offer you the freshest products of the highest quality, thus resolving your doubts about where to buy smoked salmon. You are welcome to check our smoked salmon price and order the premium smoked salmon online with only one click. You can choose our caviar food also. 

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