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Caviar is claimed by the gourmets and connoisseurs as one of the most delightful things in the world and just like many other beautiful things, it is very fragile and requires very careful handling. Even natural levels of heat or frost will ruin the fragile texture of this treasure of nature. Both very high and very low temperatures endanger the natural flavor and texture stability of the small pearlescent eggs.

For hundreds of years, people were trying to find the ways to preserve the unique features of the caviar and to protect it from the environment for as long as possible. All the stages of preparing of this sensitive delicacy for sale are executed with the highest grade of caution because not only the temperature but also the relative humidity fluctuations may damage this highly perishable product and only the correct caviar packaging can save it.

Of course, no one can foresee everything but we may help you to do your best to protect your product for your clientele! Here at Marky's Gourmet Store we offer you a great and excessive choice of different packaging caviar. Here you find the packaging to any taste: from caviar glass jars for smaller and bigger servings to caviar tin cans starting from tiny 30 grammes to 1,800 grammes jumbo caviar tin for wholesalers! Of course, we haven't forgotten the appropriate accessories like the lids for glass jar and protective rubber bands for caviar tin cans.

So why glass jar and tin cans? It's all very simple — the caviar is very sensitive to the environment and the material it is contacting with. After many years of experiments and testing, these two materials were chosen as the only appropriate for the maximum protection from the external environment that are safe, convenient and cost effective.

You may ask how can the metal tin not interact with the eggs? It is also very simple: the caviar tin cans and the tin lids that also get in contact with the beads when they are vacuumed are covered with the special coat that is neutral to caviar and protects it from the metal of the can.

What the rubbers are for? When the caviar is placed in the caviar tin can and the lid is closed they are usually put in the vacuum machine that sucks the air out of the can to prevent the eggs from being oxidised by the air. To protect the caviar inside from the external air to get in, the caviar tin is girded with the broad and tight rubber band that seals all the holes and gaps between the lid and the caviar tin can and prevents the air from penetrating inside and oxidising the precious eggs. Of course, when you open the can you let the air in but if there is still some caviar left and you would like to keep it for the next day you better use the rubber band again to keep the air in and prevent it from circulation inside the refrigerator. In this way you will also prevent the smells of other products in the refrigerator from getting in the can and mix into your delicacy flavor.

So if you have a retail gourmet store and want to impress your customer with the rich presentation you may pack the exact amount of the product your customer has just tasted and decided to buy into the tin can of the respective volume, seal it in the vacuum machine, gird it with the rubber band and put your own sticker on the lid. In this way your clientele will feel a special involvement in the process and will definitely come again and again for our incredible caviar and your impressive service!