Gourmet Food Delivery

Have you ever tried to buy something online? Of course you do! What are the main features of sites which you usually visit to purchase gourmet food? Do you pay attention to prices first of all? Or may be you place your order just because you like the picture. Some of us often search for products on sale and frankly speaking not always we look at type of delivery. But it should be one of your essential points when buying food via Internet.

From ancient times foodstuffs have been big business. Delicacies were only for wealthy and royal people but now situation has changed. Modern consumer demands fine fine cuisine and international flavors. Thus the opportunities for small and big food companies has grown. Nevertheless, there has always been a great challenge of transporting fresh, refrigerated, and frozen goods safely to their destinations.

One of the most difficult of fresh produce to transport is seafood, fish and caviar. However these kind of products have become an important part of the overseas perishables trade recently. For instance, the UK produces and delivers salmon, mackerel, langoustine and crab all over the world. Its products are highly valued and in huge demand from consumers in China, Russia and Brazil. This presents exciting export opportunities for some of the smallest UK seafood providers, providing they know how to preserve and ship their wares in appropriate condition. While transporting perishable goods one should pay attention to time of delivery and temperature mode. If either are not right, the goods will spoil. Most of large airports have excellent facilities for keeping perishable goods within the optimum temperature range: between four and five degrees centigrade.

When company sends their products from one country to another, it must be sure that the destination airport has similar facilities and only works with air cargo carriers that can provide a consistent end-to-end cool chain for its produce. Thus you see why some foreign products may be a little costly. Nevertheless, let’s find out the main features of gourmet food delivery.

There are several shipping methods:

  • Perishable items are usually shipped via Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping (1 day).
  • Non-perishable items may be shipped via Fedex Ground (2-7 business days) or Priority Overnight Shipping (1 business day). It should be noted that ground shipping does not guarantee the date of delivery. Thus nobody could claim refunds for late arrivals. If you want to receive your order on a specific date, it is better to choose FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping method and then pick the date you prefer.
  • Combined items - If you have selected both perishable and non-perishable items in your cart, the order will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping.
  • Frozen or refrigerated items must be delivered with significant amount of ice in the package. For each heavy item or heavy order with frozen or refrigerated storage type there is an ice weight ratio of 1.5.

Sending perishable food items is much easier today than it was in the past. With fast delivery and appropriate packaging, you can send foodstuffs to your customers or dearest ones with less anxiety. Up-to-date technologies used by delivery companies can provide the fastest and the most convenient service.

For instance, FedEx provides several ways of shipping perishable products.

First of all it is cold shipping package. Using this method you can keep products which are temperature sensitive between 2°C and 8°C without the weight, hassle and expense of using gel packs or dry ice. The foodstuff is packed with the help of five convenient cold shipping packages that help them stay at a consistently cold temperature for 48 or 96 hours. The main advantage of such package is that it is compact and thus you can avoid excess dimensional weight charges.

Each of the five cold shipping packages includes a chilling unit activated by the shipper and placed in the box with the shipment. The unit continuously evaporates small amounts of water at a low pressure, keeping your shipment at 2°C to 8°C for up to 48 or 96 hours. The time of storage depends on the packaging option which you choose.

The second type of package is so called FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution. Using this type of delivery one can safely ship deep frozen products that need to maintain a temperature of -150°C for up to 10 days. It is one of the most innovative kinds of sending goods. FedEx has special preconditioned containers that means you do not need to buy your own packaging or equipment. Frozen Shipping can protect the integrity of your frozen food with a tested and validated liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology. It also safe, reliable and earth friendly. Every shipment is monitored to ensure end to end security and integrity. You can track your package any moment you want. All the materials used in package can be recycled.