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Marky's Beluga Hybrid
Marky's Beluga Caviar Hybrid Beluga Hybrid Caviar
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Marky's Beluga Hybrid

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Marky's Beluga Hybrid description:

Marky's Beluga Hybrid (Huso huso x Acipenser baerii)

A milder buttery note than traditional Beluga with a hint of the earthy and nutty tones of premium Siberian sturgeon.

Due to the lack of availability of Beluga caviar and the complexity of farming the species, many producers began cross-breeding Beluga with other faster producing sturgeon species. This product exhibits the size and flavor profile of Beluga with the speed of production of smaller Siberian sturgeon to provide an alternative to the limited supplies of Beluga.

Product characteristics:

  • Farmed-raised
  • Origin: Italy
  • Very large firm beads
  • Brownish grey colored
  • Smooth, silky texture
  • The bold nuttiness of traditional Beluga with a hint of earthy tones from Siberian sturgeon
  • Lingering buttery finish
  • Excellent served alone, just on a mother of pearl spoon

Suggested use:

This one of a kind product will be in great demand among high end restaurants, bars and individuals. Any relation, no matter how distant, to original Beluga caviar will definitely add exclusivity to any event, party or menu of an exquisite restaurant and will enhance any fine dining experience.

Attention: CITES certificate needed for export of this products

Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Flavor: Milder buttery note with a hint of the earthy and nutty tones
Manufacturer: Marky's
Brand: Marky's Caviar
Origin: Italy
Species: Huso huso x Acipenser baerii
Color: Brownish grey
Shape: Smooth, silky texture
Type: Farmed
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight
Preparation: Fresh, Cured with Salt
Packaging: Jar / Tin
CITES for Export: Required
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 4 to 6 weeks
Storage Type: Only Refrigerated

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