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About Rougie

The top duck liver manufacturers are Hudson Valley, Terroirs D'antan, and apparently Rougie, the products of which we are going to talk about.

The history of Rougié is long and rich. It was 1875 when the company began to develop the ideas of production. A workroom opened in Cahors rapidly became the Mecca of all the galloping gourmets of the region. Nevertheless, an international stature was gained only in the 1950’s. Nowadays, Rougie foie gras can be found in different luxury restaurants and shops, the grand hotels and airlines around the world. It is all thanks to Léonce Rougié, who started the business, and his son, Jean Rougié, who put the company on top. Today’s ambitions are clear – not only remain in the same position and maintain worldwide reputation but also be improved day by day. For this reason, the producer closely monitors the quality and implements modern technologies as well.

Next step of ours is to introduce its greatest food items we attentively selected in this section. They are in demand in 120 countries of 5 continents, including the USA and Canada.