Rougie Mousse of Goose Liver w/2% Truffles 11.2 oz.

# 030403 by Rougie
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11.2 oz # 030403 This product is discontinued

Rougie Mousse of Goose Liver w/2% Truffles 11.2 oz.

Mousse of Goose Liver with Truffles 2% Fully-cooked - ready to eat conserved - 11.2 oz/320 gr by Rougie, Perigord France.

Light and delicate emulsion with 20% foie gras, pork fat, chicken liver, gelatin and 2% truffles.

Ideal for a party of 10.

Serve chilled.

Product Features

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SKU 030403
Packaging Tin Round Shape
Preparation Fully-cooked, Conserved
Storage Type 4 Years, Room temperature
Fawl Goose
Ingredients Goose liver, Pork fat, water, egg, chicken liver, portwine, salt, milk protein hydrolysate, skimmed milk powder, gelatine, pepper, sodium ascorbate, truffles (2% black winter truffles)
Serving Suggestions Refrigerate before opening can. Serve chilled but not ice cold. Cut-out 1/3 inch slices to display on center of plate or use as spread. Serve with or on French bread or brioche. May also be used for stuffing or as a steak topping “Tournedos Rossini”-style