If you look at this page, then you possess a great gustation. Exactly for you we have collected in this section a line of exclusive products, because you deserve only the best and appreciate perfect taste.

This series of products is designed for those, who prefer to create their own culinary masterpieces from the natural raw duck liver of Moulard ducks grown on spacious Canadian farms and hand-fed with natural organic forage.

Duck fresh Foie Gras is an ideal product for the preparation of dishes with bright taste, being easy to prepare  it always gives a great result. Raw Foie Gras lobe ables to turn a simple dinner into the elegant banquet.

Do not be afraid to experiment! Whole duck liver, portion pieces and escalopes will discover new features when preparing as barbecue or fondue.

Marky's has considered your needs and selected for you both convenient to store frozen product and chilled raw whole Foie Gras Grade A for the most demanding connoisseurs.