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About foie gras torchon

All of us have heard about famous French delicacy made from goose or duck liver, someone has even had an unforgettable experience of trying it. However, the fact is more of the people have no idea about the different ways to present this great product, or just know about classic pate de foie gras and that is all. The truth is there are many methods of how to use duck or goose while cooking, including confit, rillettes, mousse, or torchon as the way of special cooking technique. It is important to differentiate these types, as well as to know their distinctive features. This section is dedicated to the torchon of foie gras. Let us find out as many details as it is possible to be considered not only a delicatessen consumer but also the person who possesses the information of what they eat – a kind of expert in the sphere of French culinary traditions.

It is interesting to know that famous 1999 book "The French Laundry Cookbook" by Thomas Keller actually popularized Au Torchon (a French expression which describes a special cooking technique), thanks to a "Foie Gras Au Torchon" recipe. Because of it, many people in all over the world were able to find out about this dish. So, we should not waste time any longer, too.

Torchon definition is pretty apprehensible for us – it is just a special cloth which a product is wrapped in for cooking (it can be a cheesecloth, a pudding cloth, or a simple dish towel). These clothes are used for food to be poached, or marinated, or even both. The variety of the products to be cooked like that is quite wide, nevertheless, we emphasize that our favorite foie gras is known to be prepared in this way. It gives many advantages to this food item: the special cloth not only shapes it (traditionally, in a cylindrical form) but prevents its fat from leaching out while the liver is in the poaching process. What do you need this gourmet delicacy without fat for? There is no sense in it as you lose all the positive nutritional characteristics, enormously refined taste, and those unusual aroma notes.

So, what is foie gras torchon? What are the advantages of cooking the product in this manner? Now we are sure that you know these facts. Another point is not only to understand what it is but to be able to present it to the dear guests, too. Marky’s has the honor to give you such an amazing opportunity – in the form of a luxurious food item – Whole Duck Foie Gras Torchon with Port Wine by Rougie manufacturer, which is truly a foie gras top brand ever. The company selects the best products, add Port wine, and cook it using the sous-vide technique (in French "under vacuum", the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking the product in temperature controlled water bath). Duck torchon in a medium-size format is perfect for serving as a center-of-the-plate appetizer. Buying this deli product means the best festive table in your life.

Moreover, if you have enough of time and enjoy cooking moments, you can try to prepare it by yourself. We would like to share some pieces of advice with our dear visitors so that you have even stronger desire to experiment in cooking. The main ingredient for torchon recipe is foie gras, which you can also find at our online store. First of all, carefully pick out all the veins, and add spices. Secondly, give the liver its original form, and wrap it in a damp linen fabric. Then, roll into a cylinder, tie the loose ends with twine, and leave for an hour at room temperature, so that the liver soaked in spices. Once the chicken broth is heated to 70 °C, dip foie gras into the broth, cook for 40 minutes. The last thing you should do is to remove it, pull into the bowl with the same broth, and leave for 24 hours. Thus, the dish is absolutely ready to eat. Enjoy our simple foie gras torchon recipe!