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Meat of ducks and geese which benefit has long been appreciated is loving and still appreciating today. This love is not accidental, valuable meet has many remarkable properties.

Duck’s and geese flash refers to the dark varieties of poultry meat. It consist a high content of blood vessels and the fibers are tougher than, for example, in chicken meat. For this reason, these types of meat are considered to be very beneficial for the use of those people who suffer from anemia and some neurological disorders.

As waterfowl, geese and ducks contain enough fat. Rendered Duck Fat contains large amounts of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are the real drugs in the cardiovascular system and improves brain function.
In addition, geese and ducks produce a valuable product - Foie Gras. This delicacy is fond thanks to the numerous variations of foie gras preparation including duck foie gras mousse, foie gras confit, rillettes and others.

Culinary history contains thousands of examples of how our ancestors used the meat of geese and ducks for food. In eastern France, where these birds are historically venerated and even formed a kind of cult of foie gras: each family has its own traditional poultry recipe, which is carefully passed on from generation to generation.

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