Foie Gras Mousse

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Foie gras mousse - what is it?

Most of the world’s chefs use this name to define sweet desserts made from sugar, fruit or berry juices, whipped to a froth, with the addition of gelatin, agar or egg yolks. Chocolate, coffee or cocoa can also be added to this dish. However, it is not necessarily a dessert. According to the traditions of French cuisine, any airy whipped dish is called like that. How do you think what are we talking about? Of course, it is so-called mousse.

There are seven main types of foie gras exist, and only one of them distinguishes with its melting creamy taste and light airy texture. When it comes to these features, duck mousse is the real winner. Goose liver mousse can be prepared, too. Trying it, you might feel even softer taste. However, thanks to its rectilinear flavor, duck liver is more often used for cooking foie gras mousse and other foie gras dishes. It is no wonder that manufacturers worldwide prefer to use this exact type, when producing their products, as well as gourmets all over the world appreciate this specific flavor, which is obtained because of using exactly what they expect to be added – delicate pieces of duck liver.