Duck Liver

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Duck liver is a deli product which is enormously valuable for its nutritional and taste qualities; it is also considered to be offal dish of the first category due to the substance of complete proteins in it. Thus, duck liver is definitely not inferior to meat.

This specific section represents a variety of duck liver products including duck foie grasduck foie gras terrine and mousse of duck foie gras. They are produced by the most famous and time-tested companies such as Rougie Foie Gras and Hudson Valley which are truly taking care of manufacturing technologies and enjoying working with these specific products, as well as to be specialized in producing gourmet food. Rougie Foie Gras and Hudson Valley are ready to provide all the American families with a range of unforgettable delicatessen.

The gentle taste of this dish beckons real gourmets to have a try… What can it be? What is the product the French are all proud of? It's no wonder that all of us recall foie gras which can be made both from duck liver and goose liver. However, duck liver is more often used due to its specific saturated taste, as well as a vivid touch of rectilinear flavor and unrepeatable aroma.