Foie Gras Guide by Marky's

The gentle taste of this dish beckons real gourmets to have a try… What can it be? What is the product the French are all proud of? It's no wonder that all of us recall foie gras which can be made both from duck liver and goose liver. However, duck liver is more often used due to its specific saturated taste, as well as a vivid touch of rectilinear flavor and unrepeatable aroma.

It is very important to pay great attention to the ways how to present duck foie gras: it can be offered raw (also called foie gras cru), fresh, pasteurized and canned. Row foie gras is acknowledged to be a true culinary symbol of France and is presented in the form of a whole piece served in portions as a starter. Fresh foie gras is a dish for every day which, as a rule, is served in its original form and sold only in gastronomy in a special clay or ceramic bowl. Pasteurized foie gras is offered only as a half-finished product and is subject to compulsory culinary processing. Finally, canned foie gras is the best way to combine half-finished product and end-product.

Duck foie gras terrine and mousse of duck foie gras are other ways to present duck liver. Terrine is a pre-prepared cold dish, foie gras should be baked in an oven, using a water bath, or boiled, using a tissue made of fat. Mousse is the emulsion of foie gras with the addition of duck fat that is really fit to use with toasted baguette.

Except foie gras, terrine and mousse, one more delicacy attracts our taste buds by means of its amazingly refined flavor – it is duck liver pate. It is very similar to foie gras, however, unlike it, duck liver pate includes following ingredients: butter or cream, onions, flavorings and, apparently, duck liver which is mixed with other components. Sometimes certain alcoholic beverages (for example, wine or cognac) can be added to this delicate dish, what makes the flavor more vivid.

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