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Duck Foie Gras Cubed by Marky's

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Duck Foie Gras Cubed by Marky's description:

Duck Foie Gras Cubed by Marky's, 1 lb.-1.01lb. Highest-grade Duck Foie Gras Cubes, packed by Marky's with neat pieces, more than ever suited as a key ingredient for a gourmet treat.

Would you like to offer your precious guests a unique dish to surprise the refined taste and culinary skills?

In this case highest-grade Duck Foie Gras Cubed, packed with neat pieces, more than ever suited as a key ingredient for a gourmet treat.

Classic marble terrine, air mousse, uniquely bright sauce - do not limit your fantasies, but inspire with traditional recipes of temperamental French cuisine.

The elegant marble texture of Foie Terrine will conquer a gourmet delight thanks to the aesthetic appearance and richness of taste sensations. Traditionally the best Foie Gras Cubes stay marinated for 1 hour in first-class wine, accompanied by rich aroma of spices. Next bake delicate duck liver in special pottery to acquire the perfect texture for the future masterpiece. By the end of the process carefully remove Foie Gras from pottery and free from excess fat to maintain an attractive appearance.

To make the dish perfection, serve Foie Gras by thin layers, adding as a garnish lettuce and figs.

Experiment with berry-fruit sauce for terrine - uniquely sweet and at the same time savory accents will add brightness to your dish.

Do not forget about accompaniment - only in combination of first-class chilled wine your culinary masterpiece will acquire a harmonious taste.


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Net weight: 1 - 1.01 lb
Origin: Canada
Manufacturer: Marky's
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight
Fawl: Duck
Preparation: Previously Frozen
Brand: Marky's


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