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What is Foie Gras and how it is made?

World’s famous delicacy Foie Gras has a French origin. It was there tradition of eating duck liver, fattened by gavage technology, got very popular and found its development. Since then all leading manufacturers of Foie Gras manually fed Moulard ducks using a natural organic feed.

Traditional recipes of Foie Gras Duck considered as rillettes, parfaits and torchons. The section also contains dishes based on compoundings improved with the addition of Armagnac, Ice cider and Truffles.

Ducks also produce a number of other tasty and healthy products. Rate special flavor of breast meat and duck legs, or try how the addition of valuable duck fat can improve palatability of usual meals.

The Marky's collection presents alike fresh products requiring urgent use, and easy to store canned food, that can help you create a fast dinner at any moment. Foie gras appetizers from duck and goose liver help add elegance to your banquet. Here you can buy foie gras products of different manufacturers including Rougie, Hudson Valley Foie Gras USA.

Whatever type of product you have chosen, Marky's guarantees you flexible terms of delivery and reasonable prices.

What distinguishes duck mousse from liver pate? Of course, soft airy texture and melting creamy taste.

Blending until smooth of fresh foie gras pieces, egg foam, cream with spices is the only way of preparing mousses of Foie Gras, presented in this section. In order to give a special flavor mousse recipes were developed by top manufacturers as Terroirs d'Antan and Rougie and contain the addition of cognac, Armagnac, Port Wine and truffles.

As an appetizer, Foie Gras Mousse goes well with toasted baguette slices or crackers. A good habit is to use slices of duck liver mousse as a separate dish or combined with fresh vegetables and lettuce.

Use foie mousse both for make the banquet delicacy, and for solemn family dinner. By choosing a mousse as a component of snacks and sandwiches you obtain a product of consistently high quality at a nice price.

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