Marky’s Gourmet gathered the best of the best from all the foie gras food categories, and these offers can be found in this specific catalog. We take a great pleasure in giving the visitors delicious suggestions, so we hope you to trust our choice, and select something you want the most. Duck and goose food, that is described here, will help you to form the opinion about the most amazing gourmet culinary treasures around the world, the ones the finest chefs are literally crazy about.

People everywhere use goose and duck meat to embellish different gatherings, as these food items have a lot of positive sides connected with the nutritional value and an unique presentation. These kinds of meat possess their own specific aroma and flavor, which are perceived differently – it depends on every person’s food preferences. Unlike the chicken, it has dark red color, and contains more fat. The composition (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements) of duck and goose meat is varied. It consists of a huge amount of protein, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, as well as vitamins of A and B groups. Caloric value of 100 grams of duck meat is 350 calories, of goose meat – 412 calories.

There is a great variety of the ways to prepare those products: they can be fried, stewed, boiled, smoked, baked (as a whole piece or being divided into smaller pieces). We cannot omit to remind about duck prosciutto, which is an unusual but extra delicious type of appetizer. It can be served independent, as well as in the form of an additional component to different main dishes. Our store has chosen the best variety of it – Hudson Valley's Duck Prosciutto. This famous brand uses only traditional technologies to make the dish truly authentic, which is the factor of a great importance among the connoisseurs of the finest delicacies. Thin prosciutto slices are perfect with juicy fruits.

Another valuable part of these bird species is, apparently, their liver, which consists of different vitamins. For example, retinol enhances the potency, pantothenic acid assists in stabilizing metabolism, thiamine turns carbohydrates into energy, pyridoxine participates in the cleavage reactions and the synthesis of amino acids. All these vitamins can be found in foie gras, the dich produced from goose and ducks, namely from the liver. It is presented in four varieties – raw, fresh, pasteurized, and canned foie gras – the last type is the best way to combine half-finished product and end-product. At the same time, the advantage of preserved foie gras is the possibility to store it for a few years, as the product becomes even better with time; it is usually available in tins, jars, and tray packs. Regarded as the most traditional preparation, the dish is presented as an aperitif at the beginning of the dinner.

There are numerous variations of duck and goose liver preparation including pâté de foie gras, mousse and terrine of it, foie gras torchon; the methods to prepare meat include rillettes, duck legs confit, and others. It is necessary to recall another food item – rendered duck fat; it can be used in many dishes to make them more flavorful and rich in useful substances. It consists of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, significant amount of choline, vitamin E and selenium, also enriched with oleic acid.

The products gathered in the Marky’s Foie Gras Specialties section (duck liver items) are manufactured by three giants in this sphere: Rougie, Terroirs d'Antan, and Hudson Valley. These companies truly take care of the quality, supplying the best products to our online store.