Moulard Duck Legs Confit with Duck Fat

Duck Legs Confit with Duck Fat- 4 legs, 3.3 lb total, by Rougie, Canada.

The classic recipe of Confit de Canard has its origin in Southern France and has been carefully passed down through the generations. Confit cooking is the method of preserving duck meat in its own fat through a long heating process that is followed by quickly roasting the duck until it achieves a golden crisp skin. This process gives the meat an incredible taste and flavor. Once you have decided to try duck leg confit you will be in pure delight with the meltingly tender texture of the meat and the rich aroma of herbs and smoked notes. The handy tin can allows you to store the sterilized product for a long time, or take it with you on a family trip!

To Serve  

Duck Leg Confit by Rougie is a completely ready-to-eat dish. Just roast it on a tin plate, add some beans or mashed potatoes as a garnish, and enjoy the rich and tender taste! If you want to barbecue, just put the duck legs on the grill, skin side up, and grill until brown and crispy. Use the remaining duck fat for frying potatoes or vegetables and as an amazingly delicious garnish. If you want to broil them, place them in the oven skin side up!

Bon Appétit!

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Fawl Duck

Moulard Duck Legs Confit with Duck Fat

# 030438 by Rougie
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