Foie Gras - Things to Know

The most important part of the production process of foie gras is the ability of the wild duck liver to grow substantially and become fatty. For this reason, an enhanced supply of feed is purposefully given to them. Producers of goose liver foie gras regularly feed an excess of corn to their birds and this extra food leads to the formation of excess fat in the liver, giving it a very refined taste.

Not everyone knows that the name "foie gras"⁠—in accordance to the French tradition⁠—can be applied only to the liver of an ordinary goose and two kinds of male ducks: musk and moulard. Also, not everyone knows that nowadays, 90% of foie gras is made of duck liver and only 10% is made of goose liver. And also called fuagra, which translates to “fatty liver”, it can be made from both duck and goose liver.

Both duck and goose foie gras have flavors and aromas that are to die for – it’s up to you to decide which you want to taste first! Or, compare the taste of both at once!

For a true gourmet lover, this product is a refined classic with a rich history and diverse interpretations. Pay attention to the fact that the foie gras prices at our online store are very attractive, considering that we work with only the best verified suppliers. You will be delighted with the magical palette of flavors of this delicacy. If you have a question about where to buy foie gras, the answer is right here. With the invention of canning, the production of this delicacy has reached a wider scale. Nowadays, it is possible to taste it outside of the homeland of high cuisine.

Useful Qualities

It is not only an exquisite delicacy, but also a very useful dish. Foie gras contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which naturally reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and provide a healthy diet for cells. In regions where this dish is especially popular, the level of cardiovascular diseases is very low and residents have a high average life expectancy. In addition, the French prefer to eat fatty foods with good wine, which has a positive effect on digestion. That's why you can buy foie gras without worrying about your health.

Cooking and Serving Foie Gras

There are different ways to cook this dish. You can prepare it as a whole piece of liver or in smaller pieces, in glassware or pottery, in an oven or on an open fire. You can also add truffles, pork liver, or beef liver. Foie gras can be found and ordered online at Marky’s and can be cooked in the method that is most convenient and preferable to you.

Please note that the preparation of this product requires a certain skill and knowledge, as the fatty bird's liver literally melts at high temperatures. So, if you decide to buy foie gras online or in person, think about the way you will be cooking and serving this delicacy.

The product should be served immediately after being cooked. Presentation is really important with duck foie gras: it can be offered raw (also called cru), fresh, pasteurized, or canned. The raw foie gras is acknowledged as the true culinary symbol of France and is usually presented as the whole liver at once. The fresh version is a dish for everyday life, traditionally presented in its original form and sold in a special clay or ceramic bowl. Pasteurized liver is offered only as a half-finished product that is subject to compulsory culinary processing. Finally, the canned variety is the best option for combining the half-finished product with the end product.

Where can you buy this delectable dish? There are some shops and supermarkets that sell foie gras to the public. Nevertheless, more and more people are choosing to purchase this luxury product online. Compared to on the spot shopping, online shopping saves time, allows for comfort, and guarantees quality. It’s very simple to order foie gras at our Marky’s Gourmet online store and enjoy its unforgettable taste after the quickest delivery offered in the United States. We also offer sales all the time! We recommend keeping an eye out for our updates for times when the price of foie gras becomes cheaper than it already is.

We should emphasize that Marky’s foie gras contains no impurities, flavorings, or colorings, which proves that our products are completely natural and very healthy.

Enjoy foie gras today!