Rougie duck foie gras with its enormously gentle taste definitely stands out from the rest of analogs. An unrepeatable aroma tickles our taste buds, so it is impossible to remain indifferent. The manufacturer presents the product in such varieties: whole duck foie gras, one with truffles, in morsels, or in slices. Rougie foie gras price corresponds to quality. Choose the kind which suits your festive table the most, the rest is Marky’s work.

Rougie duck fat is naturally produced to satisfy all your gastronomic needs. Adding it to your daily ration will help you to strengthen health, as it considered to be very useful for the human body. Rougié duck fat can be used for many dishes, which makes them so much tastier! Try in order not to regret later.

Rougie pate is made both from duck (flavorful, with a specific intense taste) and from goose liver (with a delicate and refined taste). This dish can be also produced from meat and fish, as well as from liver – beef, pork, chicken one; however, only abovementioned foie gras kind is regarded as the king of pate due the uniqueness of the taste. It is winning more and more people’s hearts around the world.

Other available products are Rougie terrine, which is a great pre-prepared cold dish; torchon, a cooking technique using a special cloth which a product is wrapped in; and mousse with its light airy texture. Marky’s Gourmet takes care about the customers, implementing discounts for a wide range of the presented products. Do not miss the chance to brighten up your day by means of tasting the real culinary treasures, which you can find at our store.