French cooking technology, with the purpose of long-term storage of the products, confit is a great way to prepare fatty meat (pork) and poultry (duck, goose) in advance. After stewing in its own fat for a few hours, confit of duck can be stored for a long time (about half a year). It should be completely covered with fat, so that to provide all the necessary conditions for the proper preservation of the dish. However, it is not the main duck confit advantage; the best point is its taste and universality. Traditionally, this method of cooking has been used from generation to generation, but only in the end of the XX century, the dish became a real "brand" of France, a top delicacy and a true love of millions of people around the world. So, if you have ever been interested in question – what is duck confit – now you can be absolutely sure of calling it a classic dish of French cuisine, which, by the way, has had an influence on the cooking traditions of other nations.

What is confit of duck from Marky’s? First of all, it is a great combination of golden brown crispy skin of duck leg confit (absolutely not dry, but with a thin layer of fat) and the tenderest meat you have ever tried in your life. If you cannot wait to taste this special product, do not waste your time, buy duck confit right now! After ordering it, the only thing you should do is simply heat the canned duck confit on the pan and be ready to enjoy the process of satisfying not only appetite, but also all the expectations of yours, receiving even more than you could imagine. We are really glad to be able to present to your attention the best products in the USA.

How to use the duck legs confit hot? Take the legs out of a refrigerator; remove excess fat from it, and slowly warm up on a frying pan: lay confit duck leg skin-side down, then turn, so that it warm. To cook a side dish, the removed excess fat should be used. A classic variant would be potatoes, fried in duck fat, nevertheless, seasonal vegetables, apples with honey and mashed potatoes are perfect side dishes for confit leg of duck, too. Another way to cook the dish is to put potatoes/vegetables/apples with duck fat to the oven, transferring the main ingredient after frying, and to leave this great combination of products until the skin becomes perfectly crisp. The hot meal is ready to be served to the family.

How to use the confit duck cold? First and foremost, it is an ingredient for a very tasty sandwich: you can spread bread with it as a paste, as a stew, also adding berries to be a nice accent of the appetizer. Second option is to use leg confit in a salad. Removing its fat by means of warming and then cooling the product, you get a wonderful ingredient for leafy greens salads with fruit/citrus/berry sauces.

Another possibility of yours is to make a kind of foie gras & confit dish. It is necessary to put duck legs stuffed with Foie Gras on the disks of pastry, and, glazing its borders with egg yolks, prepare in a warm oven during 20 minutes until it is brown. After that, you should blind cooked beans with duck juice, making the stew. Add the seasoning and serve Chausson of duck Confit with Foie Gras according to your taste. Remember that you will not only get a nice dish for your dinner but also obtain great health benefits from this combination of the products. It is proved by the fact that in the regions where they are in demand life expectancy is the highest.

Thus, there are many variants to present confit duck legs. This scrumptious meal will definitely pervade a sense of pleasure to all our customers! So the decision of where to buy duck confit should not be postponed any longer. Catch the moment and purchase duck legs for sale at Marky’s Gourmet online store.