What Is Foie Gras Terrine?

Simply put, it’s a terrine of duck foie gras. Now, let’s make out what is special about terrine and why foie gras as its basis turns it into a so scrumptious treat.

A traditional terrine looks like a loaf of forcemeat and is cooked in a covered pottery mold of the same name. As a cooking vessel, the terrine is a deep, rectangular earthenware or ceramic dish with a tightly fitting lid. That’s why the terrine as a food has the shape of a loaf.

How Is the Terrine Made?

Terrines can be made from various meats, from fish, and even purely from vegetables. But the terrine from duck liver – foie gras – does stand out in this crowd.

Yes, the main reason is that it’s made from foie gras. Raw duck liver is marinated with salt, black or white pepper, and some Armagnac or Sauternes wine. Then, foie gras is packed into the terrine, cooked in a water bath, and refrigerated for one or two days.

Due to this preparation method, the terrine has a smooth, delicate texture, and literally melts on the tongue. The simple mix of ingredients turns the terrine into a hearty meaty treat, pervaded with buttery flavors and tender tangs of pepper and wine.

How Do You Serve and Eat Foie Gras Terrine?

This delight will best reveal all its fabulous taste qualities when served as a cold snack with crispy bread and your favorite sweet wine.

Just slice the foie gras terrine and put one or two square slices on each piece of bread or toast. Be generous when slicing the terrine. Your-little-finger-thick slices will be great.

To make sure that each slice is beautiful, dip the knife into hot water before using.

Despite its rich flavor, foie gras terrine successfully pairs with a whole range of other foods. Take a look at this list and choose what you prefer

  • pickles
  • sweet berries
  • cherry preserve
  • apple chutney
  • herbal sauces.

How Long Can You Keep Foie Gras Terrine in the Fridge?

If you don’t open the package as soon as you buy foie gras terrine (though this is a very unlikely case), you can open it at any time within the nearest nine months. But the earlier you do it, the better.

After opening, to enjoy the texture and flavor of terrine, consume it within two-three days. Keep the opened package in the fridge.

What Is the Difference Between Foie Gras and Terrine of Foie Gras?

Originally, foie gras is raw duck liver of high quality. Terrine is another way of cooking and serving foie gras. As you cut the terrine loaf, you may see pieces of foie gras in it as a proof.

Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party, having a family banquet, making a romantic dinner for two, or spoiling yourself, a cold appetizer with foie gras terrine will fit into every menu. Whatever the occasion is, this will be a memorable gourmet experience.

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Bon appetit!