Deveined Duck Foie Gras

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Deveined Duck Foie Gras

Deveined Duck Foie Gras- 0.9-1.4 lb, by Rougie, Canada.

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind the impeccable taste of foie gras specialties served in iconic French restaurants? Undoubtedly, every master chef has his own unique craftsmanship, but each of them prefers to sculpt their culinary delights with exceptionally high-quality ingredients. Rougie invites you to join the team of famous chefs that prefer to use Duck Foie Gras in their kitchens.

To make you enjoy the taste of Foie Gras dishes, Rougie selects only the best lobes of 100% corn-fed Moulard duck liver. Only fresh, uniform cream-colored pieces of liver without membranes, blood vessels and fat undergo further instant freezing in a vacuum environment. The advantage of Rougie vacuum packing is that this method of storage stops the enzymatic breakdown of liver cells. Therefore, by ordering Deveined Duck Foie Gras you will get a product with an excellent yield, maximum preservation of texture, and a small amount of fat. This processing allows them to obtain a product of excellent quality, fully restoring the flavor and aroma after thawing.

To Prepare  

Just remove the foie gras from the vacuum packaging and leave it out for one hour to release its unique taste. Prepare terrine according to the classic recipe, which entails baking it in a refractory pot with the addition of duck fat, wine and spices. If you want to use our method: use a chef's knife or non-serrated kitchen knife to slowly separate the lobe by following its natural line of separation. Make 30 degree angle cuts on the smaller lobe first. Each slice should be about 1/2 inches thick. Follow the same procedure with the other lobe and be sure to lay the foie gras flat on a sheet tray. Work quickly to prevent it from becoming too soft or oxidizing. Lightly score both sides of the foie gras slices in a crisscross pattern and season them with salt. Heat a very hot skillet and sear the slices for approximately 30 seconds on each side, or until you see a deep amber color and caramelization developing. The inside of the foie gras should be medium rare and barely warm.

To Serve  

To serve this foie gras masterpiece, decorate it with zesty dried fruit, sweet berry jam, or garnish it with fresh green lettuce and figs. Remember to accompany it with chilled French dessert wines or champagne.


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