Delpeyrat: Block of Duck Foie Gras 3.1 oz

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3.1 oz # 030504 This product is discontinued

Delpeyrat: Block of Duck Foie Gras 3.1 oz

The Block of Foie Gras with lumps consists of Foie Gras cream with pieces of whole Foie Gras added after the mixture.  Product prepared this way retains all taste nuances of the whole Foie Gras. Packaging in glass jars lets us deliver the highest quality Foie Gras to your table.

Delpeyrat Block of Duck Foie Gras is ready-to-eat. For best results, before serving, place cooled jar for 1 minute in hot water, then open and gently remove the Block of Foie Gras. Cut after desired pieces and enjoy!

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