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A gentle taste of this dish beckons real gourmets to have a try… What can it be? What is the product the French are all proud of? It is no wonder that all of us recall foie gras, which can be made both from duck and goose liver. So, what is foie gras? Where to buy foie gras? Is there any foie gras for sale? Let us think about it and get the right answers. The product we are going to talk about can also be called fuagra (literal translation is "fatty liver"). It is a dish of French cuisine, which has won the hearts of fans of gourmet food in all over the world. At first glance, it comes as a surprise – what is so unusual in the taste of this product, that people are literally crazy about, and why is it considered to be one of the signature dishes, as well as the true pride of the French nation? The fact is that in order to produce foie gras, there is only special goose and duck liver can be used. Marky’s store knows all the secrets, and offers you the best foie gras ever! So buy foie gras online at any suitable moment with only one click.

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