Boneless Moulard Duck Breast by Hudson Valley

Boneless Moulard Duck Breast - 0.63-0.95 lb, by Hudson Valley, USA.

Juicy and flavorful, this boneless Moulard Duck Magret is a wonderful delicacy from the repertoire of French cuisine and a healthy alternative to pork or beef steak. Since 1982, Hudson Valley has perfected the process of raising their ducks by providing them with the highest quality feed and the ability to roam freely. This gives way to the exceptional taste and quality of the foie gras. Only the best part of the appetizing breast of Moulard Ducks is used for this delicacy. What is the best part of the Magret Breast? It is a valuable layer of duck fat, which coats and infuses the meat during cooking, making it uniquely juicy and deliciously fragrant.

To Prepare

To obtain an excellent result in the preparation of Duck Magret follow these simple recommendations and sequences: leave the frozen breast for 2 hours at room temperature to release all of the qualities of fresh meat. Afterwards, make a marinade of your spices of choice and honey. For best results, make a few cuts deep into the flesh before marinating. This will allow the meat better to absorb the spice aroma. Sear the Magret to acquire a golden-brown hue. If desired, bake it in its own juice to reveal a whole range of taste.


To Serve

Accompany the Magret Breast with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. Don't forget about the wine: a glass of slightly chilled red French wine perfectly complements the taste of the dish.


Bon Appetit!

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Boneless Moulard Duck Breast by Hudson Valley

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