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Prosciutto Crudo Pre-Sliced

Prosciutto Crudo Pre-Sliced

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Prosciutto Crudo Pre-Sliced description:

Prosciutto Crudo is produced according to PDO (‘Protected Designation of Origin’). Ferrarini chooses the best raw ingredients and checks every phase of its production, respecting some of the oldest local traditions which are so central to Italian industry. The company allows a unique taste to be achieved, while ensuring high quality and authenticity. The taste is reminiscent of flavours and atmospheres of years gone.
These elements make Prosciutto Crudo one of the most symbolic Italian products and one of the most appreciated and well-known across the world.
The sweet and delicate flavours of Ferrarini cured ham develop step by step, through slow and patient curing over at least 12 months. It all begins with careful and consistent salting, following an ancient ritual reminiscent of sowing seeds; parts of the pork rind are treated with wet salt, while the fatty parts are covered delicately with dry salt.
In order to use the minimum possible amount of salt, The company has a patented method which ensures a predetermined quantity is sprinkled uniformly onto the ham, according to the size of the leg and the technical decisions made by the producer.

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Ingredients: pork leg, salt
Net weight: 3 oz\ 85.5 g
Manufacturer: Ferrarini
Brand: Ferrarini
Origin: USA
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Packaging: Protective atmosphere, polythene tray, black bottom
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 120 days

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