Pork Deli Meats

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The history of cooking deli meats could be traced back more than one millennium. To store food for a long time and to give it a special flavor, meat products has been smoked, salted, jerked and so on. In order to get a new dish and a new taste, cooks experimented with meat, and as a result, nowadays we have an opportunity to enjoy blood sausage and many other food items. Though in the 21st century some kinds of exotic delicacies are made of venison, elk, horse and even ostrich or kangaroo meat, but traditional ways of preparation mainly use pork and beef. So, this article is dedicated to pork deli meats, which are famous all around the globe and appreciated for their delicate taste and enticing aroma. Marky’s offers you a wide range of types of cured pork for any taste. Smoked pork, sausages, bacon, ham – what can be better to brighten up your day?