Ham nutrition.

High quality ham is a source of animal protein essential for building bone and muscle tissue. Fatty acid content has a beneficial effect on the brain. Moderate consumption of ham increases the appetite, stimulates the gall bladder functions, promotes faster metabolism. The delicacy is a highly nourishing product that energizes and makes you feel satiated for a long time.


Ham around the world.

The food item is prepared in the most countries around the globe. However, different nations’ preparation methods are influenced by national gastronomic traditions, that is why they are not the same. Here are some examples (find the certain kind, which you like the best, and order ham online).

China. The dish has been known there since the tenth century. Jinhua Ham even now is cooked using an ancient recipe, and then the Chinese add it to no less amazing dishes – for example, to a stеw of chickеn, duck, pig's fееt, and numerоus dried sеafoods in wine sоup stock, prepared in a huge winе jаr (the dish is called “Buddha jumps over the wall”).  

France. Local population call dried in the open air and then pickled piece of pork Bayonne Ham, traditionally tasting it with peasant bread spreaded with butter. Another name for this product is Basque Ham. A portion of the carcass, boned and put in a special form, known as the French Jamon – no less popular kind of deli meat.

Germany. Westphalian Ham is made of meat of pigs whose diets consisted only of acorns from Westphalia forests. This gourmet ham is smoked in a special way – using juniper and beech. Schwarzwald kind, on the other hand, dried and smoked using spruce cones, that is also a very interesting way of preparation. Both products are considered to be the hallmark of Germany.

Ireland. Belfast, the cаpital of Nоrthern Ireland, is known for its salty meat delicacies. However, what makes them really special is the unusual process of smoking. Its unique flavor meat gets from the peat fires smoke.  

England. York kind of delicacy has a mild flavor and delicate aroma. Tender pink meat is traditionally consumed with Madeira sauce.

Italy. Well, who has not heard about the Italian Prosciutto? One of its variations – Parma Ham – is cooked from a large gammon (over 10 kg). The only raw material for this product is the meat of young hogs grown in a particular area. The process of making this dish takes at least a year, and its feature is a little salt content. A large number of spices used for pickling is typical for Prosciutto Toscano, and Prosciutto di San Daniele is very salty and dry. Many types of ham, produced in Italy, are pre-soaked in wine, which gives them a special tenderness.

Spain. In this country, people carefully follow the "instructions" for the preparation of deli ham. They give information about what kind of meat should be taken for ham, where the pigs must be grown and what to feed them. To cook Spanish best ham, anything but salt, pork meat and fresh mountain air (where the meat “matures”) is used. Jamon Serrano is prepared only from white pigs, Jamon Iberico – from black Iberian pigs.

Portugal. Local Fiambre in some way resembles the Spanish Ham. Nevertheless, it is made only from the meat of black Iberian pigs.

Philippines. Here is served, perhaps, the most amazing ham – sweet one. Before cooking it, the meat is kept in a sweet syrup until all the salt comes out of the carcass.

Russia. Here, as well as in many CIS countries, two kinds of this food item are the most popular – so-called Tambov boiled&smoked one and dry-cured one prepared using the Voronezh recipe. Pork loin and brisket are no less popular. Other varieties of ham in the CIS are not often cooked, and comparing to European kinds, here is pretty cheap ham.

The USA. American-style ham is produced in mountainous areas on the border with Canada. Each year in late November, pigs grown on chestnuts are slaughtered. However, the main meat pride of the Americans is called Smithfield Ham. Being prepared several years (from 1 to 7), it is a very salty kind, which covered with a layer of mold; it has an incomparable flavor that determines the high cost of the finished product.


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