Duck Deli Meats

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Properly cooked duck is always delicious and nutritious. This bird appeared in cookbooks many centuries ago. Peking duck, for example, has been known in China since the Yuan Dynasty. The history of breeding these domestic birds could be traced back more than 4,000 years. Taste and nutritional benefits of duck meat have been always appreciated – in times of food shortage, as well as in the periods of abundance of food products. Today, the meat of this bird is no less popular. Restaurants offer duck in fried, stewed or baked forms. If you want to try it at home with your family, perfect option would be to buy duck meat online. It can be Magret, Confit, Rillettes, Duck Prosciutto and many other delicacies. One more option is to buy whole duck – in this way, you will have more space to use your culinary fantasies.