Speck Alto Adige

Speck Alto Adige - 4-6 lb, by Senfter, Italy

Speck is a dry-cured, lightly smoked ham from the Alto Adige region of Italy. Speck is a thin whole pork flank with a unique taste. Speck can be eaten and served in myriad ways: as a niche product, finely sliced into strips on an antipasto platter, chopped into cubes, or used to flavor bean soups, stews, and pasta sauces. The Alto Adige speck is special because it is cured to a specific point, with the curing phase lasting 5-7 months. Salt is essential to speck production as it draws the water from the meat, preserves it, and brings out the flavor of the seasonings, giving the speck its delectable taste. Speck by Senfter is made according to high standards of quality and by traditional methods of the region.

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