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Ribeye Japanese Wagyu A5

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Ribeye Japanese Wagyu A5 description:

100% Ribeye Japanese Wagyu A5, 4-4.5lb, Japan

Genuine Japanese Wagyu beef is revered and sought after worldwide for its depth of flavor and decadently outrageous marbling. Japanese Wagyu beef at Marky's is exclusively A5 grade — which is the top score for marbling, color, firmness, and tenderness, truly the ultimate steak experience.

What Is Wagyu Ribeye?

We are happy to offer the original Japanese wagyu steak for sale! As an authorized distributor of wagyu beef across the United States, Marky’s receives the freshest meat directly from the Miyachiku farms, prized for high-quality meat and safe production.

The ribeye (or rib eye) comes from the rib section of the unique wagyu cow. This animal is native to Japan and gives very special meat, with natural peculiarities that distinguish it from any other beef.

The wagyu ribeye steak harmoniously combines all of these distinguishing features, which justify its price per pound in their turn.

What Makes Wagyu Ribeye So Great?

  • Tenderness of the meat. The main muscle of this cut goes from the hip to the shoulder blade of the cow. So, the muscle rather supports the animal’s body and is little used for movement. That’s why the ribeye steak is never chewy.
  • Exceptional marbling (intramuscular fat). If you look at a cut of wagyu ribeye, you’ll see delicate streaks and flecks of white fat crossing the red flesh. The rib is one of the most marbled beef sections, while marbling always determines the prime quality of beef.
  • Rich mouthfeel. The perfect balance of lean meat and fat makes the steak velvety. So its seared slices literally melt on your tongue, spoiling your taste buds with the sweetish, buttery flavor.

What’s the A5 Indicator?

Japanese producers of wagyu beef use such “letter plus number” indicators to specify the quality of the meat. “A” stands for the highest grade of the yield. “5” stands for the highest grade of quality, which is made up with the physical properties of the steak: texture and color of the meat, luster of the fat, and marbling.

Here you’ll buy A5 wagyu steaks delivered from the Miyachiku co-op specially for you.

How You Order Your Steak from Marky’s

Before you order, please check the price: it’s set for the 4-5 lb. cut.

Add the steak to cart and fill in the order form. You’ll get the scrumptious delivery in one-two business days, depending on whether you are ordering on a work day, weekend, or holiday.

Enjoy the world’s most desirable beef cut from Marky’s.

Why Wagyu Beef Is So Expensive?

Miyazaki Wagyu - the most marbled Beef in the history of Mankind

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Net weight: 4 - 4.5 LB
Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Miyachiku Brand
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