Poussin Rouge, Whole Young Heritage Chicken

# 082629 by Joyce Farms
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Poussin Rouge, Whole Young Heritage Chicken

Poussin Rouge, Whole Young Heritage Chicken - 1.25 lb, by Joyce Farms, USA.

Poussins are very young Poulet Rouge Fermier chickens, also known as cornish game hens. They are harvested at five weeks of age. Their meat is very tender with a delicate flavor. You can serve them whole for an elegant presentation. Possuin Rouge has the wonderful attributes of the larger, whole Poulet Rouge chicken by Joyce Farms, but is smaller and more tender. This Heritage breed from France is slow grown & air-chilled, with the poussins raised on small family farms in the US. No antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, or animal by-products are used in their production.

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