Osso Bucco, Hindshanks 2.0"

Osso Bucco Hind Shanks, 2.0", Veal - 2 pcs x .80-1.5 lb each, (1.6-3.0 lb total), by Le Québécois, Canada.

This veal comes from the hindshank of grain-fed veal that has no added hormones or antibiotics, is fed a natural diet, is humanely and sustainably raised, and is part of a traceability program from the farm to the table. This ensures the veal's fine quality. This Osso Bucco is cut from the hindshank, with its bone being more circular and wider than the foreshank. Osso Bucco is most commonly braised for 2-4 hours in white wine and broth, depending on the thickness, until the meat tender and falling off the bone. Serve over rice or risotto to ensure the perfect meal.

Note: This veal osso bucco comes with two pieces, each weighing approximately 0.80-1.50 lbs.

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