But what makes this meat so special? What makes food connoisseurs from all around the world pack their bags and travel to Spain, despite the distance and Iberico ham price?

The taste experience. And this is a real scientific term. 

There are three keys to the secret of the savor of Jamon Iberico. 

The first key is the pig breed itself. The ham is made from the original Spanish swine – the black Iberian pig. It can be found primarily in the central and southwestern parts of the Iberian Peninsula, right where Spain and Portugal border. The Iberian pig accumulates more fat under the skin and in-between the muscular fibers. That is why the ham is cured for longer periods of time and thus, acquires its unique flavor. 

Curing time is the second key. The meat of slaughtered pigs is salted and dried for several weeks. After that, the meat is rinsed and left to dry for a month or even longer. But the whole curing process takes at least one year and may last as long as four years. 

The third key is the pigs’ diet. They eat only acorns, olives, and herbs. This is where the rich, pungent taste of the ham comes from.  

The first Jamon Iberico was imported to the United States in 2007. Marky’s is happy to uphold the gastronomical tradition and provide all American gourmets with the fresh Spanish ham. Check the Jamon Iberico price right now and order the convenient delivery.

In medieval Europe, only rulers and the clergy could afford this meat. But today, authentic Spanish Jamon from Marky’s will turn your breakfast, lunch, and dinner into royal meals.