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Moulard Duck Legs by Hudson Valley

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Moulard Duck Legs by Hudson Valley description:

Moulard Duck Legs - 6 legs, ~4 lb total, by Hudson Valley, USA.

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind the impeccable taste of duck specialties served in iconic French restaurants? Undoubtedly, every master chef has his own unique craftsmanship, but each of them prefers to sculpt their culinary delights with exceptionally high-quality ingredients. Hudson Valley invites you to join the team of famous chefs that prefer to use their Duck Legs in the kitchen.

Since 1982, Hudson Valley has perfected the process of raising their ducks by providing them with the highest quality feed and the ability to roam freely. This gives way to their xceptional taste and quality. Hudson Valley presents these Moulard Duck Legs that make for the ideal main dish at your family dinner or special gathering. These large meaty legs are ideal for braising, roasting, and confit. Whatever way you choose to prepare these duck legs, you can't go wrong! You'll be amazed by the extremely tender and succulent characteristics of these duck legs.

The classic recipe of Confit de Canard has its origin in Southern France and has been carefully passed down through the generations. Confit cooking is the method of preserving duck meat in its own fat through a long heating process that is followed by quickly roasting the duck until it achieves a golden crisp skin. This process gives the meat an incredible taste and flavor. Once you have decided to try duck leg confit you will be in pure delight of the meltingly tender texture of the meat and the rich aroma of herbs and smoked notes.

To Serve  

Duck leg confit is an excellent idea for a light and salutary dinner. Prepare crispy gold-skinned Duck Leg Confit and serve duck confit in conjunction with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. To accentuate the rich flavor of duck meat, serve with red wine and enjoy the rich and tender taste!

Bon Appetit!

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