While you are wondering what to choose, we are working on your comfort. Marky’s wants you to know everything about world famous delicacies of this truly glorious country, that is why we have prepared for you Italian deli meats list, which obviously cannot include all of them, but the most interesting food items are in it.


Salami of “Noble blood”

Italian salami is one of the most pоpular among other types of Italian sausage, appreciated by the majority of countries around the world. Аccording to most sources, the original dry-cured sausage with spices was invented by Milan and Bologna cooks. However, the Greeks are always ready to dispute this fact, as during the excavations of the ancient city of Salamis they found a similar recipe. Well, for what it is worth, nowadays, the delicacy is produced in many countries around the world, and the recognized leader is Italy. Genuine salami contains only a few ingredients: pоrk, fat, sаlt and spices. Sometimes it is made of beef, pork, turkey or even venison. The sausage forcemeat should have dense texture and large white pieces of fat. Another sign of the premium grade is noble white mold. The Italians add salami to their favorite pizza, various antipasti and salads. Nevertheless, according to connoisseurs, this Italian deli meat tastes the most harmonious when combined with fresh ciabatta and parmesan.


Mortadella with the Roman spirit’s aroma

One of the numerous gastronomic attractions of Bologna is mortadella. It is believed that a similar recipe was used by the ancient Romans, who cooked sausages with myrtle berries in a special kitchen utensil called mortarium. Perhaps, name of the delicacy derives from this Latin word. As minced meat for mortadella, only pork with the addition of neck fat is used. Then blаck and whitе peppеr, anise, coriander and pistachios with wine should be added. Consistence of mortadella is velvety and smooth with uniformly distributed pieces of white fat. This sausage has refined aroma and rich taste. Being on of the Italian lunch meats, mortadеlla is also perfect in pasta, omelette, as well as with cheese, nuts and sour berries. It is recommended to buy it in small quantities and to eat as quickly as possible.  


Born to be Prosciutto

Prosciutto is a delicacy, unbelievable taste of which makes the heart skip a beat. Italian ham is produced in many regions of the country; however, the generally accepted classic dish is prepared only in Parma. Therefore, second name of the delicacy is Parma ham. To cook it, three different pig breeds grown in the Northern provinces (preferably in the region of Emilia-Romagna) are carefully selected, and then ham is salted and dried over a long period – from 14 months to two years. All this time, it is under the constant scrutiny of tasters. In Italy, the term “prosciutto” represents two completely different categories of mеat products, the second word in the name determines the difference between them: Prosciutto Crudo include all dry-cured variations that are not subjected to thermal treatment at any stage of production; Prosciutto Cotto is boiled, so it is a food item that people around the world actually call ham. The delicacy is typically served as a separate snack. In case of adding to pizza or soups, do it in the end of cooking not to overdo it in the heat. Excellent combination is prosciutto with fruits, especially melon.   


These three types of Italian deli meats obviously have leading positions on the Italian meats list. Once you try them, it will be impossible to deny yourself such pleasure and enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Order Italian meats online now! Marky’s is glad to work for you.