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Salami. Despite the fact that this dry-cured sausage has an Italian name, it is prepared in many countries around the world. In Spain, only selected pork is used; however, the belonging to a certain Salami type is determined by following factors: the proportions of meat and fat, a way of preparation and mixing meat, spices added in the delicacy. High-quality Salami should be firm with dense texture, and should have a rich appetizing smell. Many of its species are covered with white coating – it is a sign that the maturation proceeded in appropriate conditions. Salami is not usually used for culinary purposes for the reason it tastes perfectly as an appetizer or snack.

Chorizo. The most traditional Spanish dry-cured sausage is made of selected pork of a white pig’s species, and pork lard; then it is generously seasoned with salt, herbs and red pepper which gives Chorizo its characteristic color and taste. In most provinces, this kind of deli meat stands out for its large size, and sometimes to cook it the Spanish use ground beef. In any case it leaves a long aftertaste and an indescribable feeling of oiliness. Chorizo Ibérico, which is regarded as the best among other types of deli meat, is made of valuable parts of the carcass of Iberian black pigs. Their meat contributes to lowering cholesterol levels. In addition, only natural ingredients are used during the preparation of sausages. Therefore, despite the fact that the Iberian Chorizo is cooked exclusively from pork, it is a healthy component of the Mediterranean diet. Sausage made of wild animals’ meat (deer and wild boar) is a traditional gastronomic product in some areas of central Spain. Chorizo is good to serve separately, as a traditional sandwich, snack to beer and wine or a hot meal, as well as a piquant ingredient of many Spanish dishes such as Paella or a traditional soup with peas and white beans.

Salchichon. If you want to try the best deli meat that is very similar to Chorizo, pay particular attention to Salchichon. To prepare it, chefs more often use ground meat, red pepper instead of black (as a seasoning), a lot of garlic, which gives sharpness and piquancy to the sausage. To make this delicacy even more special, it is good to sprinkle spicy coriander and grated cheese or nuts over it. Cut into thin slices, this piquant sausage will embellish any festive table.

Jamon. It is one of the most popular Spanish delicacies made from pork legs. For these purposes, the hind legs are used. However, it is not just uncooked jerked pork ham but a unique product and a true delicacy that has become a part of the national culture of Spain. It is eaten in the cooked form either separately or together with other food products.

Prosciutto. Being one of the most famous ham dishes, Prosciutto is an analog of the Spanish Jamon produced in Italy. The main difference between them is curing time: the Italian deli meats are rarely dried within 10-14 months. The structure of Prosciutto is softer and moister – it depends on the breed of pigs, type of their feeding and even on the climatic conditions. There are only two kinds of this delicacy – Prosciutto Crudo and Prosciutto Cotto. The first one is produced in the same way as Spanish Jamon, the second one should be boiled and only then salted and dried.

Deli meat nutrition. How can we achieve a positive health effect? For sure, by maintaining a balanced diet, which contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and which helps us to feel much better. However, we should also remember to enjoy our daily meals, and deli meat is created to indulge our taste buds. Besides, it serves as a source of iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamins B and E and other necessary components. Nutritional qualities depend on a certain kind and ingredients added to the product.

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