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Dry Beef Salami

Holy Cow! Dry Beef Salami - 6 oz, by Red Bear Provisions, USA.

Holy Cow! Beef Dry Salami is an homage to traditional flavors and masterful Old World techniques. This rich, full-bodied classic is everything salami dreams are made of. Widely revered by Eastern Europeans, this delicacy is often reserved for special occasions and momentous holiday tables. The name alone is associated with utmost quality and superior taste. Holy Cow! Beef Dry Salami in the finest, most flavorful version you will ever savor. This salami is handcrafted using one of the oldest recipes in Eastern Europe, giving it the authentic Old World flavor Evreyskaya is known for. Premium cuts of all-natural Angus beef are coarsely ground and simply flavored with garlic and black pepper. The salami is finished with all-natural hardwood smoke. It is dried for several weeks until a perfect balance of bite and flavor is achieved. The finished salami is a deep burgundy color with a rich beefy aroma and taste.

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