Production of meat dishes in Spain is perfected to such an extent that the Spaniards can even compete with the French and their champagne production. The more you will be immersed in the "life story" of Spanish meats, the more you will be surprised. First and foremost, it is a fact that in order to prepare these elite sausages only selected meat can be used – the meat of pigs reared in certain conditions. Care and an unusual diet of the animals is resulted in the perfect final product – Spanish cured ham with its unique and inimitable taste.


Jamon Ibérico de Bellota, Morcilla, Chorizo, Jamon Serrano… They do not refer to the names of TV show characters, they are neither the names of the provinces nor the Andalusia restaurants. They are just Spanish products, Spanish cured meats to be exact, and generous Spain offers the true admirers to try these delicacies, to plunge into the completely unusual, but so tasty world of deli meats. To make it all possible, Marky’s Gourmet Store presents Spanish products in the USA – the ones of the highest quality!


What does our Food Paradise offer you?

Spanish chorizo. A long dry sausage, which recipe includes red peppers (sweet, as well as hot peppers – depending on the certain way of preparation), garlic, obviously meat (pork, mix of beef+pork, or even donkey, horsemeat, meat from mules) and other ingredients. Pleasant aroma and bright red color of this Spanish deli sausage beckons to try it again and again, especially if it is Сhorizo Ibérico, which is made from valuable parts of the carcass of Iberian black pigs.


Spanish ham, or Jamón, is a lеg of pork fіrst saltеd and then cured, which is made strictly from the pork hind legs; front part is used to prepare its analogue, which is called Paleta. You may choose either Jamon Serrano, that is also called “Spanish prosciutto” refеrencing a similar Italian delicacy but with more complex taste, or Jamon Ibérico – a “black hoof” delicacy. Serve it with almonds, figs, melons, avocados, black and green olives, chicken and quail eggs, pears, cucumbers, sweet tomatoes asparagus, mushrooms – you have such a wide choice.


Salchichon is similar to Chorizo dry-cured sausage, the production process of which is rather long drying. Ground meat, red pepper, garlic, coriander and grated cheese used in some receipts make the delicacy truly special. A thin layer of white mold indicates the high quality of the product.


Other choices of you may also be either Spanish pate or Spanish salami. If you are a true connoisseur of meat products, then to taste the delicacies of this sunny country is a must do thing. Everyone will definitely find a dish to taste from our list of Spanish food online.


Prepared from whole pieces or minced meat, with spices or without, with the addition of nuts, pepper, bacon and many other variants of the dishes are purposefully invented by the Spaniards in order to reveal all the diversity and richness of the taste of selected meat. These sausages are truly national dishes that reflect their temperament, virtuosity, and sense of taste as well.