Bayonne Ham, Sliced

Bayonne Ham, Sliced, Jambon de Bayonne - 3 oz, 6 slices, by Delpeyrat, France.

The Bayonne Ham is a cured ham that is slightly sweet and delicately flavored with little salt to the taste. It is generally cut very thin and has a chewy texture in comparison to cooked hams. Delpeyrat hams are sliced across their widest section in order to provide the finest of slices. Processed in Adour River Basin, hams are dried and aged in this same environment which gives the Bayonne Ham its special flavor. Unlike other hams, Bayonne ham is dried in cold temperatures, which gives the ham a soft mouthfeel and a light hazelnut flavor. The slow and gently aging process gives this exceptional product its tenderness, sweet flavor, and bright pink color. This ham is authentic because Delpeyrat Ham de Bayonne is certified IGP. The company follows strict manufacturing processes and salting is done by hand with salts of Salies de Béarn. No GMOs, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, or gluten are used in the production or curing process.

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