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3lb Cappicola Sweet

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3lb Cappicola Sweet description:

HAM: COOKED: Cappicola Sweet
LICINI BROTHERS produces artisanal Salami, Pancetta, and Coppa in the Italian tradition. In the sixty years since the company was founded by the three Licini Brothers, the recipes and methods have hardly changed. Their products are simple in production with elegant results. Their love of honest work, respect for the farm, and desire to present ancient flavors to the modern world are the strengths of the LICINI process and are evidenced in the finished products.
By producing in small batches, LICINI is able to maintain many of the characteristics of great salami that commercial producers can’t. They only use all natural casings for every product. The rich flavor of LICINI products comes only from the slow curing process and the addition of simple spices.
Because LICINI is a USDA facility, they maintain the highest standards and criteria so that their products continue to be old-world without being old-fashioned. Salami are aged in temperature-controlled environments. Pancetta is hand-rolled and all of the ingredients are ground and mixed on-premise. By controlling all aspects of their small-scale production, LICINI guarantees that every product comes to you with the consistency of a manufactured product, but with the character of a hand-made one.
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Net weight: 3 lb / 1.4 kg
Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Licini Brothers
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Brand: Licini


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