Unsalted Butter

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Here we have assembled a good choice of finest kinds of artisan butter from several provinces of France for the best price. All of our unsalted butter brands like Isigny, Echire and Beurre de Baratte are AOC protected that guarantees the highest grade of pleasure while indulging the best unsalted butter of your choice. The unique character of these products is determined by natural aspects of the regions where they are produced and original manufacturing processes that were worked out to perfection for hundreds of years. It all makes these kinds of unsalted butter a real treasure for gourmets and connoisseurs.

The unsalted butter is not only intended for those who care about their wholesome diet and want to control the amount of consumed salt for different reasons, but also for those who pay attention to the original taste and flavor of this great product. It also perfectly satisfies the needs of the chefs striving for ideal ingredients to create their masterworks, that meet the highest expectations of the discerning customers.

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