Soft Cheese

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Soft and semi-soft cheese is amongst the most often visited by our clients cheese categories of the Marky's Gourmet shop. Here we have a wide selection of different soft and semi-soft cheeses of the world including a variety of absolute best-sellers like "The Queen of Cheeses" Brie, Camembert, Gouda and many others. Those, who like soft cheese will be pleased with our assortment of double and triple cream cheeses made of pure cow's milk. We haven't forgotten to extend our list with goat's milk cheeses (also known as chevre) and also cheeses of sheep's milk.

Ideal for spreading on a piece of bread, a cracker or toast, the soft cheeses are great product both for a healthy everyday bite or an appetizer for a party or a family dinner. Fresh, tasty and with pleasant zest, these cheeses are prized by many people.

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