If for you the cheese is associated with lush green meadows where quiet spotted cows or snow-white sheep are grazing peacefully, and artisanal cheese farms with their mysterious cool cellars, then certainly the product you think of is what cheesemakers call the raw milk cheese. Its history counts thousands of years, and in today’s diversity of cheeses this type is considered the most pristine and genuine.

As its name implies, raw milk cheese is actually produced from raw milk of the cow, sheep, goat or buffalo, if we take the original Italian Mozzarella. After the pasteurization technique was introduced to the dairy industry, the term “raw milk” became identified with the term “unpasteurized milk”. In the second half of the 19th century the French chemist Louis Pasteur found out that heating a liquid or food with taking the temperature indicators and amount of time into account could inhibit the growth of the bad bacteria, which usually causes the spoilage, and eventually kill it. Hence the pasteurization of milk provides heating it, keeping it at the certain temperature for the definite time period, and chilling it at the very end, after the unwanted bacteria is destroyed. Obviously, unpasteurized milk does not undergo this process.

Most cheese connoisseurs admit that compared to their pasteurized counterparts, raw or unpasteurized milk cheeses have more complex and full-bodied flavors. Some dieticians also add that raw cheeses are much richer in healthy nutrients, as they contain larger amount of vitamins and minerals. Besides, they are even credited to reduce risks of developing asthma and lactose intolerance. However, according to the regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), unpasteurized cheeses are not permitted for import into the United States and for sale inside the country, unless they are aged for more than 60 days. It has been determined that the salts and natural acids can destroy the harmful bacteria in the products, hence preventing people from getting sick of what they eat.

Many types of cheeses are often available in both the pasteurized and raw varieties. Nevertheless, the latter are usually more valued for their original characters expressed by their unique various tastes.

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