There is probably no other product that could substitute natural butter without letting you know it did. It is so ubiquitous and quotidian that you smear it on your morning toast almost automatically and hardly ever hesitate whether to put some into your balmy pasta or mashed potatoes. At the same time, you will acutely sense that your dish lacks it, and hurry up to set the matter right. What can definitely help you to do it as successfully as possible is a lump of butter infused with tiny morsels of diamonds of the kitchen. This is what the famous French gastronome, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles.

What Is Special about Truffles?

Truffles are the most delicious mushrooms and the most expensive delicacy in our world. In bygone days they were cloaked in mysterious legends and superstitions regarding them as the food of gods. And it is not without reason. It is claimed that if you try a truffle only once, you will never forget its flavor, so splendid and unmistakable it is. The odors and smacks of this mushroom amaze with their staggering variety. There are scents of an autumn forest and summer rain combining harmoniously with the undertones of hazelnuts, garlic and musk.

Truffles grow underground, on the roots of oak or beech trees. Nowadays specially trained dogs or pigs are used to track these mushrooms down. Many difficulties connected with harvesting them, including not only the small amount of areas where truffles can grow and the help of the animals, but also the dependence on the time of the year, have resulted into their sky-high price. But gourmets say, truffles are worth it.

What Is Truffle Butter Then?

This is the product that will totally change your habits of cooking and eating. Truffle butter is made by infusing fresh butter with natural truffle bits. Butter fat preserves the lavish aroma of the truffle, while the truffles saturate the texture and taste of the butter.

There are two most popular types of this butter blended with the two kinds of the mushrooms. As the name implies, black truffle butter is made with black truffles, which enrich its flavor with some woodsy, earthy and nutty hints. White truffles are used to produce white truffle butter making it more subtle and much creamier. White truffles are seasonable and cannot be cultivated. So, when you buy white truffle butter, you get a real gastronomy treasure that will turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Cooking Tips

  • Start you morning with spreading fresh truffle butter on a slice of crunchy bread or adding it to a cooked egg.
  • Try it with meat steaks.
  • Put a lump into any of your potato dishes.
  • Add some to your pasta sauce and dips.
  • Serve it with scallops and lobster.

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