French Sheep Cheese Brebicet 4.5 oz.

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French Sheep Cheese Brebicet 4.5 oz.

Brebicet - sheep's milk soft cheese, white flowery rind - 4.5 oz/125 gr, France.

Wrapped and labeled in a transparent film and paper.
Made excusively from ewe's milk, Brebicet is a smooth and creamy cheese. Its flavor is something rather different, combining strength and mildness in a supple paste that melts in the mouth.
Brebicet is a great idea at any time for a little treat, with special kinds of bread (farmhouse, walnut, currant loaf) or with fresh or dried fruits. Its delicate aroma and balanced flavor give it a an unusual, authentic character.
Goes well with special breads or with fresh or dried fruits.

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