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Imagine the land full of peace and harmony, which reign all over emerald rolling hills and valleys, wide grassy plains and blooming apple orchards. This is Normandy, the French region situated in the northwest of the country.

Normandy is famous worldwide for producing and exporting high quality foods. The highest mark and the biggest preference are deservedly given to the local calvados and dairy. Exquisite Norman cheese brands include some of the world’s most popular and enjoyed ones, with Camembert, Brillat-Savarin and Livarot among them. And Normandy butter is a dainty staple no real French chef can go without. It is an irreplaceable ingredient for a large variety of recipes. Whatever it is, a thick creamy sauce or a sweet vanilla pastry, a lump of mellow butter added will make it a culinary masterpiece.

What makes French Normandy butter so special is a clever and successful combination of those advantages the natural environment of the region has, and the time-tested manufacturing techniques, which the local dairies still use to make the best product ever. The milk for the butter is taken from Norman cows of a particular breed grazing in sea-sprayed lush pastures. Due to the natural composition of lavish Normandy terroirs, the cow’s milk contains many good chemicals including iodine, carotene and Vitamin A. To preserve all health properties of this butter, its producers follow the traditional churning process. The original French butter should contain not less than 82% of butterfat, hence it has less moisture comparing to many other types of butter. That is why its texture is so smooth and silky, while its delicate flavor can please the palate of the most exacting gourmets. Whenever you take it to season your pasta, or put it into your sauce, or add it to your pastry, or just smear it on a piece of warm crunchy baguette, you will find it an absolutely versatile and simply splendid thing.

Here at Marky’s Gourmet shop we have the honor to offer you the best brands of the genuine Normandy butter, such as Isigny and Beurre de Baratte, both are AOC protected. Also you can check the price of butter of other categories and choose from the fine selection of high quality products.

Isigny butter is prized for its dense velvet texture, fresh odor and mellow flavor with hazelnut smack. It is easily recognized by its healthy yellow color and highly appreciated by the world’s best professional chefs, who use it to honor the old culinary tradition. By the way, the history of this butter traces back to the 16th century.

Beurre de Baratte, which literally means “churned butter”, is produced following the special Baratte process, when the heaviest part of the separated milk is spun into a thick velvet mass. This helps to add extra cream to the butter creating a sumptuous texture and extremely dense lingering taste.